Straighten Crooked or Crowded Teeth with Invisalign in NJ

Straighten crooked or crowded teeth.


Invisalign are invisible aligners used to straighten or align crooked teeth. These come with software where the orthodontist or dentist, using your current alignment of teeth, visualizes the alignment after the treatment.

Gold+ Invisalign Provider

Dr. Sonal Deshpande is proud to be a Gold Plus Invisalign provider, proving her skill and proficiency with the ever-evolving technology.

A Gold Plus Invisalign Provider is a dental professional who has undergone extensive training and acquired specialized knowledge in the application of Invisalign. With this superior level of education, they offer enhanced expertise when it comes to achieving your orthodontic goals with Invisalign.

Gold Plus Invisalign Providers have completed 25 Invisalign cases within the calendar year!

Gold + Invisalign

When it comes to achieving that beautiful smile, one goes to all lengths of struggle. Various orthodontic treatments like traditional braces are used to straighten crooked or crowded teeth. 

While these braces are still effective, the Brilliant Smiles of North Plainfield, New Jersey, has put an effort to meet the challenges faced while using traditional braces by introducing Invisalign braces at our dental office.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign are invisible aligners that, unlike traditional braces, slip onto your teeth and act like molds to twist and move your teeth. Traditional braces use brackets and wires which are fitted on teeth. Whereas Invisalign aligners come with custom-made plastic trays which are to be put over your teeth after the treatment begins. The trays are made after checking the present alignment of teeth and are built of flexible plastic.

Dr. Sonal Deshpande, a certified Invisalign provider, guides you on the process of using Invisalign after consultation.

What Problems Do Invisalign Treat?

Bites are the alignment of your teeth. Invisalign are the aligners that treat various misaligned bites, improve the alignment of the teeth, and straighten them if needed. Invisalign can treat problems such as -

Invisalign is always a better option in the case of mild to moderate misalignments. However, whether Invisalign aligners should be used in an individual's case or not is advised only after a thorough check-up by Dr. Sonal Deshpande.

What Special Features Of Invisalign Make Them Unique?

What To Expect At The Consultation With Dr. Sonal Deshpande?

  1. Dr. Sonal Deshpande examines the current alignment of teeth using a soft material which the patient is asked to bite. 

  2. Also, using a scanner, the bite and alignment of the patient are studied. CAD designs are made out of the scanned images.

  3. The software shows the alignment after the treatment too.

  4. Accordingly, a customized set of aligners is ordered.

  5. And the patient is requested to take further appointments for wearing the aligners.

Who Is The Right Candidate For Invisalign?

Usually, teens and adults are suitable for this treatment. The reason being, their jaws are completely developed. Invisalign is the treatment to change the shape of the jaw bone. In children, the jaw bone is still growing and Invisalign can bear no fruits.

People who do a lot of public speaking are also suitable candidates for Invisalign treatment. If uncomfortable or afraid of lisp in speaking, they can remove the aligners till their speech gets over.

People who lead busy lives- as there are fewer sessions required to do with the dentist in this treatment, Invisalign is an aid to their lifestyle.

What Is The Duration Of The Invisalign Treatment?

The treatment can take as less as 6 months to the longest 2 years, depending on your age. With the growing age, it takes time to realign the teeth as their growth is complete.

The duration can also depend on the amount of use of the aligners. It is advisable to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day.

What To Expect Post-Invisalign Treatment?

With the completion of the treatment begins the maintenance. Once the aligners are permanently removed, retainers are used to keep the alignment in place. There are two types of retainers:

Dr. Sonal Deshpande advises on which type to use depending on individual requirements.

What Could Be The Cost Of Invisalign Treatment?

In most cases, the cost of Invisalign is similar to those of traditional orthodontic treatments. The cost also depends on the complexity of the case.

Most insurance companies cover the costs for Invisalign as that of traditional braces treatments. If your insurance company covers the cost of orthodontics, then it should pay for Invisalign too.

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